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Annette provides the introduction for this third season skit, first broadcast Dec 23, 1957. Linda Hughes, Karen Pendleton, and Bonnie Lynn Fields play a trio of librarians who sing Put Away Your Books, Put Away Your Dreams (Tom Adair/Buddy Baker) while musing over romantic heroes. When the other two leave for the evening, Linda encounters Don Agrati, who asks for help with the dictionary. He sings Too Marvelous for Words (Johnny Mercer) to Linda, who in turns performs 'S Marvellous (Gershwin/Gershwin) for him; both pretend to forget the lyric "Amorous". The skit ends with a cute sight gag that hints at an uncompleted move to kiss behind the bookshelves. Daring stuff!

A portion of the librarians lament was used in the "4th Anniversary Episode" of Walt Disney Presents, broadcast September 1957. For that excerpt it was Karen, not Linda, who sang longingly of Robin Hood.

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